Comfort Motorized

Bed base comfort motorized

By choosing a wooden anatomic bed support you choose a product that matches high aesthetic value and natural properties of components, with the more and more known and appreciated advantages, from antistatic action and anti-dampness. A solution making up a perfect complement for quality matresses, thanks to a balanced matching that keeps the correct posture of the spinal column also during one's sleep.

  • Multi slats system with 38 mm slats full coverage.
  • Sleeping surface with 4 joints.
  • Double motorization.
  • Stifness sliders for the lumbar region.
  • Available size (cm): 90x200 / 160x200 / 180x200 
    Size 160x200: formed by 2 single 80x200 slats
    Size 180x200: size formed by 2 sigle 90x200 bed


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