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    Letto in pelle Hermas con pedana scendiletto e comodini
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    Dettaglio pedana scendiletto e comodino
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    Letto in pelle Hermas senza pedana scendiletto con comodini
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    ALICIA comodini con struttura in acciaio
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    DOLCE VITA pouf design
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Prestigious bed upholstered in Extra Leather col. 6024, characterized by a sontuous headboard, available also with precious Swarovsky buttons. In this photogallery, it's proposed in two versions:

  • one with the footboards and the bedside tables, which are upholstered in leather;

  • one without footboards and two bedside tables with polished chromium-plated steel base and travertine marble top. 

Hermas is rigorously Made in Italy, from design to manufactoring.

Prestigious and majestic bed, for those who love big spaces and the comfort given by great sizes of the bed Hermas. 

Chaarme designs and offers also a range of accessories, seats, pouf, lamps, mirrors, carpets and other items to decorate with style and design the bedroom, according to your taste and needs. You can complete your bedroom, thanks to the advice of our designers. As shown in the pictures, we propose some furnishing accessories, like:

The present description represent the furnishing composition as shown in the photo gallery. Hereafter, all details and personalization options. 

Technical Data

HERMAS letto imbottito


Available in all categories of upholstery.
The headboard upholstery is NOT removable.
Removable bed frame upholstery with Velcro strap.


"RELAX" bed base resting on the bed frame: mattress height can be adjusted.
OPTIONAL: "RELAX BOX" bed base with storege unit and standard lift-up mechanism. "RELAX PRATIK" bed base with storage unit and lift-up mechanism with two positions. "CONFORT" wood bed base, fixed or motor-adjustable, available oly in the sizes 90x200, 160x200 and 180x200. Not equipped with storage unit.


Frame made of multilayered or pressed wood particles.
Foamed polyurethane padding with polyester wool interlining.


Frame made of multilayered or pressed wood particles.
Foamed polyurethane padding with polyester wool interlining.


Pedana con struttura in legno multistrato e imbottitura in vellutino.
Comodino con struttura in particelle di legno pressato.


QUADRO H6 piedino letto imbottitoQUADRO: Finitura Alluminio 7x7 - H.6 cm


SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL: the headboard is available with Swarovski Crystal buttons 23.
PLATFORMS: one or two platforms can be added at the bed sides.
BEDSIDE TABLES: one or two bedside tables can be added to the bed. The bedside table is lined in real leather and eco-leather. The leather verion comes only in the same finish as the bed, while the handle is made of the same-color eco-leather.


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